photography Sony a6000Photography has always amazed me, ever since I was a child, and I could see the different ways things could look through a camera lens.

My first experience with photography was when I had a small kids toy camera that took actual pictures.  I put an old matchbox car on a table and got the lens right down in front of the car, level with the plane of the table.  The result was a picture that was focused on the car and the background was blurred out.  It looked almost realistic.  I can remember my parents talking about how I had the eye of a photographer and maybe I would enjoy photograpy.

Later as a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Atlanta, we took photography classes and learned a lot of the details that made that first picture of the car I took look so real, like depth of field, ISO. wide-angle and f-stop.  We also got into video technology in that same class and I received my first training on video recording and editing. In this class we used a “video toaster” to do all the special effects.

Now as a graphic designer, I have relied on images to use for many things such as inspiration, for reference, or as an element in the actual design.  So as soon as I could afford a quality camera I bought one.  Now I am trying my hand at actual photography and I love it.  I especially love nature photography but would love to get my hand into wedding photography and portraits.

Below you can see some of the images I shot on our trip across the country.  Please contact me if you would like to hire a beginner, but very reasonably priced, photographer just trying to get into the business.