So we got to Kansas to see my brother, his family and home I have never visited before.  We decided we were going to camp while in Kansas but mother nature and auntie weather had a different plan.  We started out at a beautiful lakeside spot that had a perfect setup for primitive camping, unfortunately there was very little tree coverage so there was zero shade.  That normally wouldn’t have been a problem except the Kansas winds were whipping across the lake at about 40 MPH.  The lake literally had waves in it from the wind.  At one point were setting up the tent and I went to grab a stake, when I looked back Heather was holding on to the tent, with a panic look on her face, as it was attempting to parasail her across the lake.  We did finally get the tent setup between the truck and a tree but the wind was too much for it.  The poles looked like they were going to snap so we decided to pack it all up and get a room.  Before we packed it all up we sat and had a beer and a sandwich and watched a deer wander into the tree thicket next to us and bed down.

The next day Jeff picked us up and gave us the 2 dollar tour of Marysville and Blue Rapids, Kansas including part of the Oregon Trail.  We also visited his favorite watering hole and saw his place of business. We also saw this old town that was pretty cool.  Later we all gathered at the McCranie Kansas Homestead for some fun and some scrumptious Kansas Beef.