Graphic Expeditions Page

Since I can do my work on the road from anywhere in the country, my wife and I have decided to take a little adventure.  We have been dreaming about living out of a school bus or RV for several years now but after watching people go through the process of converting a bus, it simply looked way too much for what we wanted to do.  Recently I came across the term “Overlanding” and instantly fell in love with the idea of driving to remote locations and camping out of your vehicle.  So we have decided to fix up our truck and go on a two month trip to visit friends, but more importantly to inspire me.  I am going to try to create a list of top designers across the country and see what they are doing and the trends they are setting or following and attempting to inspire my own creativity and better my abilities as a designer.  I am also planning to video record the entire trip including some artist interviews and spotlights.  Stay tuned for the beginning of our Expedition!

Graphic Expeditions on Roadtrippers