My Mission

I want to help express your mission through the power of graphic and web design and communications.

Who I Am

Growing up I had two real interests.  Drawing and computers.  Drawing has been my passion since I held my first pencil and started drawing war scenes with stick people.  I drew everything from trucks, skulls, snakes, bands, band logos, if I liked it I drew it.   I once almost failed art because the teacher thought I was tracing everything.  In high school my notebooks were filled with sketches and doodles.  Computers was another hobby of mine ever since I got my first Radio Shack computer that had a drawing game.  Then the Atari came out and then my dad bought a business computer that I learned my first word processor on.  Art school was a natural path for me and half way through when they asked me if I wanted to learn to be a computer artist, I jumped at the chance.

My first job was designing 35 MM slide presentations for fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola, Siemens, Equifax and IBM. I later learned 3D modeling and photo-retouching working nights at a photo-ad company that produced photography  and 3D art for some of the top ad agencies in Atlanta.  At the same time I started volunteering for our church where I later went to work as their graphic designer and IT guy.  Later I worked for a couple of printing companies gaining valuable experience in the “trenches” designing for commercial printing, signage, and garment printing. After eventually running my own sign shop for while, I went to work for a church as the Communications Director.  By this time the web was growing full speed ahead and a whole new field of work had exploded, web design and social media.  I worked at this church for 15 years doing everything from graphic design, web development, social media, IT networking and video editing.

I have now been a graphic designer for almost 30 years and learn new things all the time.  This industry is constantly changing and I try to change with it.  Let me help you change for the new way of communicating.