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My Vision

Art has been my passion since I was old enough to hold a crayon.  Art school was a natural path for me.  My notebooks were filled with sketches and doodles. I want to help express your mission through the power of graphic design.

My Story

I have been a graphic designer for 25 years.  I started learning graphic design the same year Adobe released it's 1st version of Photoshop and Microsoft was working on releasing PowerPoint for business presentations.  My first job was designing 35 MM slide presentations for fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola, Siemens, Equifax and IBM.

I later learned 3D modeling and photo-retouching working nights at a photo-ad company that produced photography  and 3D art for some of the top ad agencies in Atlanta.

After I married and had my two children, I decided I needed to move out of the big city and go back to the country in S. GA where I grew up.  I worked for a couple of printing companies gaining valuable experience in the "trenches" designing for commercial printing, signage, and garment printing.

After eventually moving back to Atlanta and running my own sign shop for while, I went to work for a church as the Communications Director.  By this time the web was growing full speed ahead and a whole new field of work had exploded, web design and social media.

15 years later and we are here.  Starting a new adventure working for myself and starting to venture into a new field photography and vlogging.

Stay Tuned for Graphic Expeditions!